The Sinbound are a gritty garage rock duo from Seattle WA.  Formed in 2015 consisting of vocalist Elizabeth Brown and guitar player Ian Robbins they play a mix of old school rock n’ roll, punk, and blues.  Growing disillusioned with the current state of popular music, The Sinbound bring back the stripped down, raw, and gritty tone of a previous era.  No fancy gimmicks or computers, no auto tune or unnecessary effects.  

After years playing shows up and down the Western coast they are finally releasing their long awaited self-titled debut.  Embracing the DIY ethic, The Sinbound’s debut record was recorded in two days in a friend’s basement.  Using only a homemade guitar, a vintage Ludwig bass drum, and an old 50’s microphone, The Sinbound bring a you a record that’s haunting and dark, yet mournful and beautiful  It touches the darkest reaches of the soul, the cutting pain of love, and emptiness of the unknown.

Coming soon